Look at the COURSE SECTION of this website to see what talks are coming up! Starting in February 2020 I will be offering talks on one Sunday/month from my home. These talks will be interactive and will focus on HOMEOPATHY AND INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE.

Recent Influenza Epidemic

So the NHS is overwhelmed by this most recent flu epidemic. It is hitting hard and lasting longer then many people remember. Starts in several different ways, usually with fatigue and either a cough or head cold symptoms. Many people are left with lingering coughs which not only disturb sleep but keep them from returning… Read more Recent Influenza Epidemic


November 2017 Welcome to the latest edition of the Society of Homeopaths Research Newsletter Those who keep abreast of the news will know that, in the last months, the attacks against homeopathy as a viable and safe medical therapy has been more concerted and concerning. An example is the NHS England ‘consultations’ to end prescribing… Read more Research