corona virus, how homeopathy can help

First of all, try not to panic or let fear create a more susceptible “soil” (your body). Follow all government recommendations for preventing the spread and contracting it yourself. Take supplements which will help boost your immune function and eat good foods that REALLY nourish your physical body. Cut back on alcohol, sugar and refined products as these reduce immune function.

Homeopathy has always been useful in epidemics. For more nearly 300 years homeopaths globally have found many acute prescriptions to alleviate symptoms of diseases which sweep through populations. We don’t claim “cure” as much as individualised remedies to help the body cope with the viral or bacterial load, speed up the healing process and help people gain immunity quickly. Prophylactics have been used during pandemics, these remedies being based on the genus epidemicus….in other words,the remedies which are being found to be very useful for most cases.

There are homeopaths in many countries now whose clients are reaching out to them for help after being tested positive. Most people are experiencing mild symptoms and are encouraged to rest, stay hydrated, self isolate and eat well. Your body should recover fairly quickly and you will HOPEFULLY have full immunity afterwards. However, there is not much evidence yet for full immunity (life long) and as we all know the virus mutates quickly and can be extremely contagious.

Some colleagues and I have put together a list of remedies you may want to have on hand should you contract the virus or begin to feel symptoms. I encourage you to contact me by email if you want some advice or need me to send you remedies. It is in the best interest for homeopathy worldwide that you stay in touch and let me know what remedies help and which ones don’t. Your case will remain anonymous as we compile more and more data on useful remedies and the genus epidemicus. Homeopathy is an inexpensive form of medicine so I will only be asking you for minimal payment to cover cost of remedies and postage. (£1 per remedy packet plus £2 postage) It is more important that we get these remedies out to people to reduce suffering.

The following is a list of POSSIBLE remedies for the symptoms that seem to be most dangerous with COVID19. You will see that each remedy has KEYNOTE SYMPTOMS from which you can get a general picture. It is these symptoms that you use to decide which remedy is most appropriate.

1. ARSENICUM ALBUM 30c 3x/day for cold like symptoms with runny nose which descend into the lungs quickly; breathlessness; pulmonary edema with difficulty breathing must sit up; fear of contagion, germs, disease; fear of dying; restlessness and anxiety; burning pains and secretions; thirst for small sips only, does not feel thirst is quenched

2. BRYONIA 30c 3x/day for dry cough, painful, hacking, must sit up and hold chest as any movement is painful; stitching bursting pains; difficulty taking breath; blood streaked sputum; dry burning heat with easy perspiration; pulse hard, tense, quick; wants to be left alone/averse company, noise, talking, light

3. ACONITE 30c 3x/day for rapid onset of fever which is dry and burning with cold chills then profuse sweats; throat red, constricted, cannot swallow; hoarse dry croupy cough with oppressed breathing; shortness of breath with burning in lungs; restless and fearful/terrified

4. ANTIMONIUM ARSENICUM: catarrhal pneumonia with excessive breathlessness which is worse lying down; sense of weakness; coughing with mucuous, rattling sound

5. BELLADONNA: rapid onset of fever with delirium, fear and fury; pupils dilated with photophobia; throbbing hammering headache; thirst for cold water except during fever; hot head and cold limbs; burning heat which radiates off the body

6. CAMPHOR: total collapse with anxious pale face and cold sweat; violent attacks of dry cough with suffocative breathlessness; icy coldness

7. ANTIMONIUM TARTARICUM: great rattling of mucous with little expectoration; suffocative shortness of breath, must sit up; edema and impending paralysis of lungs; coughing and gasping

8. CARBO VEG: icy coldness with fever that alternates with heat and internal burning; exhaustion++; labored breathing, must be fanned; spasmodic cough with burning in chest/may turn blue with air hunger; wheezing and rattling

9. AMMONIUM CARB: slow labored breathing with bubbling sound; pulmonary edema with difficulty raising mucous; blood in expectorant; oppressed breathing which is worse in a warm room

10. RHUS TOX: dry teasing cough with rust colored sputum; edema in lungs; easily chilled as though water were poured over him; restlessness with stiffness and feeling of soreness all ameliorated by movement and stretching

11. KALI CARB: dry asthmatic wheezing cough with stitching pains which is worse for motion; must lean forward to alleviate chest symptoms; expectoration cheesy, lumpy; fever with sweat on slightest exertion

12. VERATRUM VIRIDE: huge variation in temperature during fever with flushed face; difficulty breathing; slow heavy respiration with sensation of weight on chest; violent cough from the start which moves into pneumonia

13. TUB AVIARE: useful for coughs which do not clear after illness; weakness due to cough; cough is irritating but does not cause breathlessness

14. MERCURIOUS CORROSIVUS: burning acrid discharges with constriction of chest and sensation of breathing through a tube; uses pectoral muscles to breath;

15. SULPHUR: oppression as if there is a load on the chest; shooting pains when coughing, lying on back or breathing deeply; burning heat on chest with weakness while talking; violent flushes of heat during fever with chills up back; sweat does not relieve fever

16. JUSTICIA: dry cough in sternal region with hoarseness and painful larynx; paroxysms of coughing with feeling of suffocation; tightness across chest; cough with sneezing; dry painful throat

17. PHOSPHOROUS: oppressive breathing, tight suffocative feeling; hard, dry tight cough; congestion of lungs; pneumonia left lower lung; trembling; bloody sputum; dryness of throat with painful larynx preventing patient from talking; tickling in throat which triggers cough; burning heat up back, profuse perspiration which does not bring relief; craving for icy drinks (which should not be given, just give lukewarm water)

18. CHINA OFF 30c: Suffocative catarrh with rattling in chest; violent hacking cough worse after eating; puffy, rattling breathing with suffocative catarrh; every motion aggravates; wants to be fanned but it takes away the breath; paroxysms of coughing worse evening and night; insomnia from worries that prevents sleep;

19. GELSEMIUM 30c: Oppressive feeling in chest with dry cough and sore chest; spasms of glottis with crowing sound on inspiration and forcible expiration; the main symptom of this remedy is EXTREME WEAKNESS; drowsy, droopy, dull and dizzy; may seem apathetic about his illness; dazed and unafraid when very ill but became susceptible due to severe anticipatory anxiety; fever with hot flushed face; trembling of body with chills up and down back; wants to be held while shivering; throat rough and burning. This remedy may be very useful for the post viral fatigue people are getting after recovery.

20. OSCILLOCOCCINUM 200c: I have recommended this remedy to be taken 1x/week for 4-6 weeks during the pandemic. This remedy has not been proven to be effective for this specific virus but it is a well known remedy for boosting the immune system at the onset of flu-like symptoms. It does not have the chest symptoms so if you have a virus which is presenting in the lungs right from the start then use one of the above remedies instead. This remedy has fear of disease, fear of contagion, anxiety about being ill which is why I have recommended it to take prophylactically for many people. If we address the anxiety from the start then there is a good chance you will heal quickly if you contract the virus.

As with any acute illness, the chosen remedy can be taken every 2 hours initially for NO MORE THAN 6 DOSES. The best way to take these remedies if you think you have corona virus is in 4oz warm water. Stir with a clean spoon, then sip, then stir and sip until the liquid is gone. This is called plussing. If you feel better then stop and wait. If the symptoms return then just repeat the remedy. If there is no response after 6 doses then it is not the correct remedy and you should not continue taking it. Most folks taking remedies at this point in time (March 28th, 2020) are finding their symptoms relieved on the first few doses. Maintenance dose is 3x/day until you feel completely well again.

It may be that none of the remedies listed above fit your symptoms. In this case do feel free to contact me or Helios Homeopathic Helpline for advice.