Sue Townsend, RSHom is working one week/month Monday-Saturday between the hours of 9:30am-9pm. The best way to book an appointment is to email [email protected] or phone 01224-790535 and leave a clear message with your phone number. If Sue is not available then contact Vanessa Stuart (01309641690). Sue and Vanessa are working in partnership now and are happy to accommodate your needs.

Appointment hours are Monday-Saturday from 9:30am-9pm in Dyce. The schedule for 2021 is:
January 11-16
February 8-12
March 8-12
April 5-10
May: 3-8
June: 7-12
July: 5-10
August: away
September: away
October: away
November: 8-13
December: 6-11

If you have an enquiry regarding homeopathy, need a remedy refill or would like to book an appointment directly with me then please phone 01224790535. You might get an answering machine, please leave your name, phone number and brief message. I will get back to you as soon as I can. E-mail is the best way to contact me. [email protected]