Starting in February 2020 I will be offering talks on one Sunday/month from my home. These talks will be interactive and will focus on HOMEOPATHY AND INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE.

FEBRUARY 23rd: PAIN management, the pros and cons of pain killers/opioids and common remedy pictures for relieving pain using homeopathy

MARCH 22nd: (corona virus allowing….) SURGERY, the drugs you will be given and their potential effects on you, what remedies to take to help you heal more holistically. If it is appropriate for this meeting to take place I will be discussing remedies you may want to have on hand should you contract COVID19

APRIL 19th: CHEMOTHERAPY/RADIATION THERAPY FOR CANCER: how to work with these treatments and stay well, heal faster and have fewer side effects

JUNE 14th: LABOUR AND BIRTH: remedies you can use in conjunction with medications the hospital might use, remedies for pain relief/dilation and post natal healing both physical and emotional. If you have had a traumatic delivery and want to come along and find out how to help heal using homeopathy.

AUGUST 9th: HEART HEALTH: what to be aware of when on heart medications/cholesterol medications, how you can help yourself, remedies to support the heart and blood pressure

SEPT 13th: DENTISTRY: drugs used by dentists and how to counteract any negative effects, staying calm at the dentist, surgery, root canals, extractions, abscesses, support remedies to prevent caries and loss of enamel.

NOV 8th: DEATH AND DYING: acute remedies you can use to help your loved one through pain, fear, grief and allow them to come to terms with a terminal diagnosis. Remedies will also be discussed which are excellent for grief and shock for the family