Integrative medicine

As usual there has been plenty of bad press in the media regarding homeopathy and the myths about what homeopaths do and don’t say. If you have never seen a homeopath you might just believe all these slanders on our profession, but once you look a little bit deeper you will understand that we are just another part of the health system which is offering choice and support for integrative medicine. Homeopaths DO NOT recommend that parents refuse vaccination. We are happy to give a balanced opinion but will always tell parents it is their choice, an informed one. Homeopaths aim to help the body remain or gain whole health on all levels. When anyone is exposed to toxic drugs or foods homeopathy can be administered to assist the elimination of dangerous metals and chemicals. If a client is on a regime of medications we aim to support them through this and would never ever suggest they come off any drugs their doctor has prescribed for them. Did you know the NHS spends about 20% of their budget dealing with the side effects of the drugs they have prescribed? This is where holistic health practitioners come in. We don’t take people off their drugs, we help the body eliminate the toxic effects so they can lead a more comfortable life. It is not our job to recommend people avoid toxic medicines, it is our job to help people be healthier. Homeopathy is not the answer to every illness, but it does help people regain a better sense of wellness. It is all about integrating the many forms of medicine humans have developed to avoid unnecessary suffering.