Recent Influenza Epidemic

So the NHS is overwhelmed by this most recent flu epidemic. It is hitting hard and lasting longer then many people remember. Starts in several different ways, usually with fatigue and either a cough or head cold symptoms. Many people are left with lingering coughs which not only disturb sleep but keep them from returning to normal activity. You can avoid this flu by doing several things like slowing down, making sure you rest and sleep plenty, take liposomal vitamin C or Solgar vit C 1000mg 3x/day, take Solgar vitamin/mineral complex or Floradix liquid complex, eat well to keep your gut healthy since your gut is directly connected to your immune function. HOMEOPATHICALLY you can get in touch with me and I can provide you will a combination remedy as a prophylactic. This contains influenzinum 30c and baccillinum 30c to be taken 1x/week during the epidemic. Tuberculinum aviare 30c is proving to be a very useful remedy for those of you who have lingering cough and fatigue after the flu. If you are just not recovering or want to boost your entire immune system then book an appointment to come see me and get constitutional treatment.